Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 23.00.48Rowdy SS is a London born and based artist.

Often working at the intersection of sound/music, dance/movement and live performance alongside making videos; his works have delved into love, explored the societal implications of being, first a black boy then man and mined life to share his vision of said life.

His current project is an on going work and includes original sound/music compositions, video, dance and movement as tools for performance to create other spaces, dream/meditative states, exploring repetition and surprise movement, and counter movement. variations of a theme, motifs. moments of definition defined by the previous, reliant to predecession and that, which follows.

Rowdy was previously a member of Atari Teenage Riot, a Berlin based noise band and has worked closely with numerous artists and makers such as legendary dub creator Lee Scratch Perry, Ron Arad, musicians Eska, Zero 7, Matthew Herbert, acid house pioneer Adamski and has put on successful club nights ‘SOAP’ a no photos allowed subversive bass heavy alt trap/post-grime party and ‘SONIC’ a clubnight space of inter-active sound/peformance art and DJin at VFD, London.

Current collaborations include works with dancer Jamila Johnson-Small (48hours, Fury1) and sound compsitions/performances for artist Rebecca Bellantoni (Run Come Water, Spiral,)

Rowdy is a Somerset House Studios Resident Artist, and also leads master classes and workshops for young people at The Roundhouse Camden, Slade School of Fine Art, Goldsmiths University and The Yard Theatre.