Rowdy SS - Balance @ The Drill Hall, London. 2018 by Katarzyna Perlak


A solo dance/sound/visual improvisation, an ongoing work in research of uses of space; How are we using space? How is space using us?

Balance is Rowdy SS initiating happenings, performance and installations as interjections to tour, entangle and/or simplify how we are using and have used spaces, the ‘things’ that do and do not exist in said spaces, the other ways, new ways we can use ourselves, technology and our physicality to communicate, in and outside of these/those spaces.



“The intention behind these happenings; use expected and unexpected spaces for sharing, exploring and furthering conversations that give life to new and old concepts, processes, traditions and techniques. Doing more with the constant dualities, healing, destruction, connections/disconnection, the ways of ‘being’ in and during the performance and allowing for the unearthing of the somewhat conditioned approaches to sharing/expressing ourselves to each other and with one another…”


recent commissions / performances :

VFD London, Palais De Tokyo, Block Universe Performance Art Festival 2018 (with Rebecca Bellantoni), CRXSS Platform Festival 2018, The Southbank Centre